Kiddie Account

Deposit Products
This account as the name depicts is a savings account operated with the view of saving money to attract interest to enable the payment of one’s child/ward’s school fees. Withdrawal is once yearly.


  1. A minimum amount of GHS 100.00 is required to open an account
  2. Unlimited number of deposits.
  3. Any withdrawal by the guardian, before six months of account operation, shall attract a fee of GHS 10.00 per transaction.
  4. Beneficiary of the Kiddie Account should be a minor (less than 18 years of age)
  5. The account would be held in trust for the minor by the guardian
  6. On attainment of 18+ years, the guardian could write to indicate the handing over of the account to the beneficiary.
  7. No bank charges and account maintenance fee


  1. Interest payable on minimum balance of GHS 500.00
  2. Savings can be used as security to apply for loans from the bank
  3. The account attracts a higher interest