Vision, Mission & Core Values


  1. Our vision is to be a leading financial services organization in Ghana which supports economic progress and promotes the provision of solar systems infrastructure.
  2. Our vision is to be a leading microfinance institution dedicated to driving the use of Solar Energy for a clean environment, business growth and future economic growth.


  1. To provide efficient and effective financial services by adopting appropriate technology,
  2. Increase market share, enhance optimal realization of stakeholder’s interest.
  3. Human resource development and product innovations


  1. Customer satisfaction; We do everything to ensure that we provide our customers with the products, services and solutions to suit their needs.
  2. Our priorities are Community development through the promotion of the use of solar systems thereby alleviating poverty in the communities.
  3. Honesty, commitment and dedication to duty
  4. Quality and prompt service to our customers
  5. Respect - We have the highest regard for the dignity of all people; the hallmark of our institution.
  6. Judicious use of the bank’s assets